Taking a break

So I, a Mother, a wife, an employee, am on a break. It is Mothers Day & on this day Mothers get spoiled – breakfast in bed, cup of tea, special treatment. I got those things. Two excited children clutching there beautiful homemade cards at 6am. But the breakfast in bed & the special treatment? […]

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An introduction to Her

I haven’t spoken about her much before. The experiences I went through as a young girl. Not until this year. This year everything came to a head & I got signed off work. I was depressed & anxious to the point where I could not function as a Mother. My Doctor said “you are three things […]

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Deciding to do this has been tough. But I do want to do this. I could just write these words down anonymously somewhere but there is no anonymous is there? There is always someway they will be read. Be it years later a child finds my diary or a document on the computer. Just writing […]

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